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Counting to Twelve series

     Hi everyone, so I am in the last stages of publishing. It means I can stop wearing my “Editing is Life” hoodie and hiding in my corner away from the world. Well, the hiding away is more of a fantasy wish than a fact, but regardless, staring at a computer screen gets old fast. Very fast. I do not have a release date for On the Night of the Twelfth yet because I have moments, and I am not at a point where I will say it’s ready. However, trust in me. I got you. It’s coming. Go stare at the pretty cover until then. I know I do.

     So, since we are so close, I thought I would give a little more background about the novel. In that, I mean some intel on the cast and crew without spoilers. As a heads up, I have no problems giving spoilers, but I’ll behave as the writer.

     On the Night of the Twelfth is a dual point of view between Celeste Seymour, a student in her last year of culinary school, and Matthias McAlister, medical student months away from figuring out where he wants to do his residency. They both live in different parts of the Atlanta area but meet up at a karaoke bar and grill by chance two days before Valentine’s Day. Celeste is there to party, sing and show herself off. Matthias was dragged out to have a night off or celebrate his birthday in advance. Maybe a little of both.

     I won’t go as far as to say it’s instantly love or anything else as crazy, but there is an attraction as soon as they lock eyes. In my opinion, that is a step in the right direction.

     Along for the ride are Celeste’s two best friends, Tony and Hannah. Uninvited to the party—but making an appearance anyway—is Jacquelyn, the baby half sister, and Stacia, the older stepsister. For Matthias, including his very entitled roommate, Channing, he has his closest friend, Javan, who is both the voice of reason and the comedian. It’s going to be a night to remember! Maybe. There is drinking involved, so hangovers and missing memories are guaranteed.

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