It’s a New Month!

It’s a new month! It’s September!

Well, it’s the third day of September, but it’s still early enough to count. So, in my mind, it’s Autumn as soon as the month begins. I am all ready and do you want to know why? Because Autumn is my favorite season. Time for the weather to cool off in Georgia. Not too hot or too cold, nothing of just right, but more on getting both climates in the same day. Because it’s Georgia. I am ready for the leaves to change into the many beautiful colors that they do. So if the leaves changes where you are, don’t be shy. Send me those pictures so I can post them and show them off. Or send me links for me to see and swoon. I love it.

And as a quick note, I also want to ask if Autumn is your favorite season, or maybe it is just a season? Or what would be your favorite season? Don’t be afraid to shout it out.

So what am I up to this month? Preparing to launch my book countdown. I will post the upcoming release date for “On the Night of the Twelfth.” I’m going into another round of edits because editing is my life, and I want it to be as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, I did not finish my WIP as planned, but I got far enough to pause for the moment. Only for a moment, so I will be right back to that as soon as possible. For now, my focus on the upcoming book release and not stressing myself out before I get to the finish line. Or losing sleep. I love to sleep most of all.

In other news, in August, I tried my hand at a month Instagram challenge. Those of you who are following me already know, I didn’t last very long, but it was more than what I had done for a long time, so it’s the thought that counts, right? It did give me some ideas of what I could do. I made a list, now it is just a matter of following that list. Other than those things, I do not have much in the way of goals planned for the month. I have a lot going on, decisions to make, and a budget to keep in mind. Wish me the best for now.

Until Next Time!

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