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One of the Genre

Romance. Oh, romance. Sweep me off my feet and take my breath away, romance. What is there to say when one thinks of romance? For one, this is one genre that I have in rotation, not repeat. There is a difference. For me, sometimes, I just want to have that feel good, happy, slightly dramatic story with a happy ending. Not too often since reading too many books like this can be like eating too many sweets. Not healthy and cause a figurative toothache. I should know I have been reading romance for years. Even before I started reading on the regular.

However, if you didn’t know, romance doesn’t just come in the type I mentioned above, nor do I read only that type. I read contemporary, historical, gothic, regency, paranormal, and fantasy. Some types more than others. Not all the romantic books I read are clean in detail and language. They can get smutty, but not exotic. Not all of them are monogamy, some are polygamy. I do not read exotic books. Mostly because they didn’t appeal to me. I have nothing against them. I am not one of the target audience, and I want everyone to respect that—the same with how I avoid books with a lot of graphic languages. I can handle some, but I can be picky, and that is within any genre I read.

So why did I write about romance first of the genre I enjoy reading? Because my first full-length novel is going to be Contemporary Romance. I am planning on a four-book series, and I am excited for it to be coming out. I won’t spill all the details now, but I will release information the closer the release date is near. Just like I will go into each of my favorite genres.

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