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On the Night of the Twelfth

“Count the nights, while the stars are shining bright, because their history is being made tonight.”

Celeste Seymour wants one thing in life. To finish culinary school and get out of her dad’s home basement before she throttles her baby half-sister, Jacquelyn. Okay, maybe that is two things, but the facts remain. However, Celeste would not complete school for another ten months, and the pressure is building. So, it’s a simple decision to go to her favorite karaoke bar to relieve that building pressure and thoughts of bodily harm. Besides, there was no time like the present to show off the new, expensive stiletto heels she secretly bought.

Matthias is sick and tired of being sick and tired of his roommate. If it wasn’t one thing, it was something else, and Channing was full of crap even on the best of days. Matthias had to have been suffering from a mental relapse to put up with him because calling them friends was a stretch of the imagination. Now, Channing had the crazy idea to go out to a karaoke bar to celebrate Matthias’ birthday. There was more to this, but Matthias did not know what the angle could be.

Neither Celeste and Matthias planned on much happening at the Karaoke bar. What could one expect besides singing and getting drunk? But it is two days before Valentine’s Day, and who says things can’t happen on the twelfth night of February?