Instead of me saying it’s coming, I am just going to say my favorite season is here, Autumn! Time for my spice teas and pumpkin favored things! Winter is just around the corner, but I don’t care because it’s time for my favorite season. For all those who love this season too throw your hands up high and wave them like you just don’t care. I know I am.

     As always, hello and welcome to the site everyone. Head over to my blog page for updates on my musings and writing update. If you’re interested in knowing what I’ve read and reviewed, check out my podcast page, I even do bonus episodes of musings. If you have anything you want me to read and think I could like, send me a message. If not, check out my Goodreads. I try to keep those updated. I have the new shiny “upcoming release schedule” page.

Now go, have a look around, but don’t forget to have fun and have a great day!