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One of the Genre – Part #2

     Hello, world from my corner! It’s time for another update about one of the genres I love reading and will write in.


     Yes, I am being dramatic by putting it on its own line, in all caps, but let me explain why. Fantasy was what made me want to read. Fantasy took me away from the typical everyday world where I went to school and was bullied. I, mind you, was not one of those kids who let the voices of others bother me. I was a daydreamer. To be honest, I did not become a true bookworm until middle school, but while I was in Elementary school, books helped. Especially when I could not get away by going outdoor to play. What was there not to like when stuck inside on a rainy day? The magic, the world, the adventure, the characters! I smile, just thinking about it all. Just take me away, I would always whisper to any book I held, and even now, I still do.

     If you are a fantasy lover like me, you are very much aware of all the branches of fantasy that have grown and formed over the years. To keep from going on and on and on, I’m going to only name the ones I read. I will hold on mentioning the ones I write in because those you will learn when I am ready to publish. As follows, the reading list is Contemporary, Romantic (and Paranormal romance), Urban, Dark, Fables, Epic, Isekai, Historical, Steampunk, Low, Science, Lit RPG, and Juvenile. If you think this sounds like a lot, you would be right, which would be why this is the top genre I read. I would not be surprised if most people never even thought a few of the listed were a sub-genre, but that is often the case with the genre.

     The next question would be of the ones listed. What do I read the most of? That’s easy. The top three would be Isekai, Urban, and Fables. Isekai would be number one because they are a genre of books that are Japanese light novels. They can either inspire the story to be made into a manga and later anime. Or in reverse. I love all three. I love Asian culture, but in particular, Japanese. Think of light novels as the inside look at the characters, which is often the case with any movie or television show.

     Fables are fairy tales. I own and have read the original stories’ collections. I know the truth of what really went down, and I still love the remakes with happier endings. I also love to see what others have come up with retelling those tales. And if it is a tale that doesn’t get told on repeat, all the better. (And we all know the fairytales on repeat.) One day, I will do some remakes of my own, but not just yet. Last is Urban Fantasy. I really don’t have to do too much explaining here. It is this world, and not of this world. It’s like looking out a window to see what is going on outside the house. It’s all the imagination and thinking outside the box.

     However, I’m whimsical. What more is there to say here? Maybe I will make a list of my top books one day. I know I plan to speak about some of my favorite Isekai novels. Until next time!

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