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Something New and Exciting

     It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I have done something extra with my platform. All upcoming writers and growing authors do. Most stick to the social media platforms—make no mistake, I am on there too—but there are a few who go a step further. Those who are not mainstream. Therefore, I did a podcast instead of jumping on YouTube. Although, I will not count out YouTube. I will talk more about that one another day and time.

     Why a podcast? In the shortest terms, I don’t mind talking about something I love. I also don’t feel as if I am being judged so heavily if people listen to me versus watching me. Not that speaking in front of a crowd has ever given me stage fright. I guess what I am saying is; I feel more comfortable sitting comfortably in my room—talking aloud—not having to do anything to my appearance. In fact, I would say it’s a very heady thing. And I would say it gives me the feeling of being like a radio host. I just don’t play music… yet.

     No, that last part was a joke. I do not even want to think about how much work it would take to play music produced by others. Nor is my podcast a radio show, so think of the last comment as wishful thinking.

     Instead, I want to review those books that don’t always get talked about, or rather they do, but not vocally. Not just self-published books, but books that might slip under the radar, or they have a following, but not mainstream. Not every musician gets their song on the radio, used in a commercial, television show, movie, etc. Not every actor or actress will walk on a red carpet, get an award and give a speech for their role. It’s the same thing with books. So, yeah, I want to read and talk about those books. And sometimes, sometimes, I might read something from a big-name publishing company or something I could buy from a bookstore.

     I try not to be picky with books, so I’ll float around and read what catches my interest. But you can be sure, they will be books within my favorite genres to read.

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