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The Opposite of My Tropes

I made a list of the tropes I loved, so let’s talk about the ones I don’t like. I would not say I hate them or that I won’t read them if the premise isn’t interesting, but I won’t gravitate to them. I will also mention that some of the tropes on here are also on my list of tropes I “like,” and this is more why I also do not like this trope. I tend to think of it as a thin line between love and hate.

(1) Love Triangle

     This became a thing in YA, and I don’t understand why it’s a thing. This is not to be confused with it being impossible to happen. It is possible to be romantically interested in more than one person simultaneously, just like it is possible for two people to like the same person at the same time. It is just a little too convenient, and that’s my problem. Yes, I know it makes the plot and creates drama, but trust me, being a teenager is drama enough. Not to mention, the opinions are either good or bad. There aren’t any hard choices here. Or at least give me guessing.

(2) Friends to Lovers

     I don’t hate this trope, but due to personal reasons, this one can make me cringe. It can be adorable for friends to become lovers, especially if they both want more but are scared to ruin the friendship. I’m not behind the one-sided relationship where one is pining and waiting for their friend to realize they are standing right there. Listen, if your friend wanted something romantically, they would have noticed. Sometimes, it does work out, but not all the time, and a lot of the time, it doesn’t work out.

(3) Secret Royal or Billionaire

Oh boy, the secretly rich person who is also in the public eye and doesn’t know what it feels like to be normal. So, here’s the thing, what is the definition of normal? It changes depending on the person. What I consider normal, my next-door neighbor might not consider normal. For someone who has to plan their lives around being spotted by the media, having their day scheduled weeks or months in advance, that is their normal, but if they get dropped into a setting where they don’t have to do their “normal” of course they might like it! And it’s going to be with someone from that world. Also! I’m still waiting for someone to explain when being a Millionaire wasn’t enough, but being a Billionaire is.

(4) Not Like Other Girls (or Guys)

No one is perfect. No one is that special. You can be awesome without a romantic figure, friend, or some random character telling you so. Down with the Mary Sues and Gary Stu!

(5) Harem and Reverse Harem

There is such a thing as having too many options. When it gets to be over five, that is too many because I expect some in-fighting to happen. It doesn’t matter the gender.

(6) Instant Love (or Love at First Sight)

So this is more for insta-love than love at first sight. I believe in first sight, but not the insta, which sounds like a drink you can order from Starbucks. Can they be the same? In some cases, yes, but the problem for me is how I don’t want fast love. I want it slow and sexy.


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