Another Thoughtful Question

I want to know which do you prefer to read or to watch television? And think of it as one or the other and no middle ground, like the answer of yes or no. I want to know, while I tell you which one I prefer.

The answer is… Reading!

Long before I started reading, I watched little television. When I was growing up, children were forced outside as soon as we ate breakfast and not let back in until lunchtime. Then it was right back out until dinner. The great outdoors in the neighborhood was where I could be found until I was older and able to stay in the house. Which meant I could watch tv, right? Nope.

In most cases, I had to watch whatever the adult in the room was watching. There weren’t a lot of televisions in my house or at my granny’s house, either. They viewed us, kids, as the interloper. I mainly would have shrugged it off if the adults did not watch boring stuff, unless that was just those in my family. So, reading helped with the boredom when I didn’t want to go outside or didn’t have a tv to watch what I wanted to watch.

As I have grown up, they have put some better things on, but it was too late to make me someone who could sit and watch TV for hours on end. Or the sort of person who can have the tv on low as background noise. In fact, I now have a tv in my room, but do I use it? Not really. If I turn it on, I use it as a digital clock. I’m usually reading or sleeping if I am not writing. It’s not collecting dust, but it’s a close thing.

So, what about you? Tell me, which one and why?

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