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What’s Going On?

     I figured this question is as good as any, to begin with. It’s broad, open-ended, and the answer always changes, no matter how many times the question is asked. Really, I couldn’t go wrong with such a question in the very first post on this blog. A blog I am not entirely sure what will be discussed as time goes on. I expect that it will be as random as ideas in my head, and since we are just getting to know each other, just know that my thoughts can be pretty random. I cannot wholeheartedly say what will come up, but that will be the fun part, yes?

     So, what is going on? Why nothing at all! No, that’s not true. Every month, I try to make goals for myself. Monthly, Weekly, and Daily goals that help me keep organized. Now, the month is nearly finished, so at this point, it is pretty much an update. Although I should probably give you an idea of what those goals were.

Monthly Goals:

  • Start WIP of Midnight Ride
  • Revise On the Twelfth

     Granted, these are writing goals, but those are the biggest ones. There are other goals. Like trying to exercise a few times a week, get more sleep, and be more active on social media. They are just as important, just not so important for me to make them bullet points. I will give an update on everything, so don’t worry. But first, let’s answer the most critical question of all…who am I?

     For starters, as you have already guessed, I’m Jalessa. I am an Indie writer with one book currently published within a young adult fantasy anthology. I do not plan on simply writing within the age range of Young Adult, but New Adult as well. The genre will not stay the same either, but on those, I will keep quiet until I am close to releasing information. So, don’t worry about it being a secret. As for those two bullets, I listed up top, there will be more information coming soon. Just bear with me. Besides this blog, I can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

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